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This is of a measure of importance to any fellow Canadians out there.

I don’t think I need to remind anyone why this is a bad idea.

Basically, the bill gives full access to all information on your computer to whoever happens to be appointed to it at the time, at any time, without a warrant, without any warning or notification to you. They’re pushing for it “to catch pedophiles”, with the implication that anyone against the bill is either a pedophile or doesn’t care about the safety of the nation’s children. It’s insultingly obvious propaganda, and it’s got to stop.

Consider also that Harper has actually had people ushered away from his conservative party rallies for something as slight as having a photo taken with the leader of another party posted on Facebook.

Spread this around. Delete my words if you find them irrelevant, boring, or counterproductive, but please, spread this around.